Bemidji Area Gifts of Hope Fund

How It Works

  • To qualify, businesses must be a locally owned or homegrown small business within the Bemidji School District.
  • Upon your Opt-In submission, your business will be entered in a lottery to be selected in one of two rounds of gift certificate purchasing.
  • If your business is selected through the lottery you will be contacted by a Bemidji Alliance representative with further details.
  • Each round will consist of 20 businesses with 60 gift certificates available for each.
  • If more funds become available, additional rounds may be opened up.
  • Each round will occur from Wednesday 8:00am CT to Thursday at 5pm CT.
  • During the round customers can purchase $40 gift certificates for only $20 each.
  • The Bemidji Area Gifts of Hope Fund will cover the additional $20 per certificate.
  • Upon purchase, customers will receive email notification of their order.
  • Each gift certificate purchased comes with a unique verification code. You will need to provide these codes to the business you are patronizing at the time of redemption; they will utilize these codes for purposes to prevent duplication and misuse.
  • PLEASE NOTE: In order to allow time for our volunteers to process your order and notify the business, certificates cannot be redeemed until 7 days from the date of purchase. This will also be noted on your order notification.
  • Upon purchase, the customer will receive an email confirmation of their order via email, including instructions on how to redeem at your store.
    • These instructions will include:
      • Duplication of gift certificates is not allowed.
      • Each gift certificate you purchase comes with a unique verification code. 
      • The verification code will need to be presented at the time of redemption as businesses will be utilizing these codes to prevent duplication or misuse.
      • By opting in as a customer of this program, you agree to abide by the instructions and terms set forth. Bemidji Alliance, it’s partners, and sponsors of the Gifts of Hope Fund are not liable for any loss, misuse or inability to redeem these gift certificates.
  • Upon the closing of the round, a Bemidji Alliance representative will contact you via email with a copy of an Excel spreadsheet reflecting your business’ gift certificate sales for that round.
  • You as the business owner will need to track the redemption of these certificates and come up with a system you are comfortable with.
  • A check for the full amount ($40 per gift certificate sold) will be sent within the week to your business for the number of gift certificates sold within the round.

Any further questions, please contact

Agreement and Terms:

By opting in to this program, I agree to honor any and all gift cards purchased for my business. I understand the gift cards purchased have no expiration date and I am responsible to track when gift cards are redeemed. Bemidji Alliance, it’s partners, and sponsors of the Gifts of Hope Fund are not liable for any loss, misuse or inability to process theses gift certificates.